Developing a Design


An architect is an investment - an investment in design quality which will add value to a project. Any building will have a certain cost in project management, bricks and mortar - the architect can take the otherwise mundane and raise its quality to a different level.


Helping the client develop the brief is one of the first things an architect will do at the start of a project. While many people who approach Dualchas will have thought long and hard about what they want, it is always best to review this. Often an architect can suggest ideas which a client will not have thought of - perhaps the topography of a site will suggest a different approach - or  a client may come forward with an idea which inspires the architect.


Squaring the brief with the total budget is also key. It is far better to be realistic from the beginning so as to avoid surprises or disappointments at a later stage. This will not only be about the spaces required, it will look at the approach to the site, the type of construction and the material finish, all of which have a bearing on the construction cost. In some situations, it may be discovered that a large extension is not required after all - a replanning of the existing house can provide all the necesary space and transform the enjoyment of the property.


Once the brief and budget are established, the design development should be a highly enjoyable collaborative approach - at Dualchas the architects do not try and impose their ideas on the client - it is about exploring ideas based around a response to the site, the climate, the materials and the client's needs - all with an understanding that the design will have to meet the requirements of local planning regulations. This can be done through sketches, photo-rendering and models - so that the best possible result is produced within the client's budget.


A high level of detailing will also come with a Dualchas designed building - so that there is not only quality in the spaces, but in how the fabric of the building fits together so as to create the clean lines and considered details associated with Dualchas buildings. This requires not only finesse and care for the end product, it requires a collaborative approach with the builder  so that we work towards the same goal - high quality architecture.



March 15, 2017

Dualchas seeking Architect in Glasgow

Dualchas Architects is looking for a talented architect for the Glasgow office.  Should have at least three years post qualification experience and be ARB registered.  Should be creative ...

November 02, 2016

New Dualchas house in Sleat completed

Ancala, a Dualchas-designed house near Armadale in Sleat, south Skye, has been completed. The three bedroom house has dramatic views over the Sound of Sleat to the hills of Knoydart, with t...