Dualchas* is inspired by a deep commitment - that our landscapes and our environment are precious.

With each Dualchas project, our architects are concerned with ideas of sustainability through the use of energy harnessing technology, the choice of materials in the build, and the life-use of the building. Designing buildings that future generations will have no wish to demolish is key to our thinking; and our buildings have a continuity of tradition in their design that makes them appropriate to their surroundings.

And they also explore ideas, the use of space and the manipulation of light which raises architecture from the mere process of building to the aspirations of art - where creativity can raise the experience of existence.

It is our ambition to set modern Scottish architecture on a par with the best in Europe in the same way that our great planned cities and villages are on a par with  the best architecture of their time. As we should all know,  good architecture can help make wonderful places even better - and lives more fulfilling.

*Dualchas is pronounced 'doo -al -chas'  with a 'ch' as in loch.  It can also be pronounced with a glide vowel 'doo -al - i - chas'.  The 'd' is soft and the 'l' is thick.


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March 15, 2017

Dualchas seeking Architect in Glasgow

Dualchas Architects is looking for a talented architect for the Glasgow office.  Should have at least three years post qualification experience and be ARB registered.  Should be creative ...

November 02, 2016

New Dualchas house in Sleat completed

Ancala, a Dualchas-designed house near Armadale in Sleat, south Skye, has been completed. The three bedroom house has dramatic views over the Sound of Sleat to the hills of Knoydart, with t...