Since 1996 Dualchas has not only been at the forefront of a renaissance in Highland architecture, but has shown that architecture inspired by context can work in any location.

Twins Alasdair and Neil Stephen founded Dualchas from a desire to create architecure that was inspired by the culture and landscapes of the Highlands.

They sought inspiration from the region's true vernacular – the blackhouse. The blackhouses of the Highlands of Scotland were byre dwellings in the tradition of ‘long houses’ which have existed in Northern Europe for over a thousand years.  The team at Dualchas were the first architecture practice in Scotland to develop a modern longhouse. It was done with a simple objective; to offer an affordable beautifully designed alternative that could be seen as part of the cultural regeneration of the Highlands.

This desire to understand a place - it's topography, culture and climate, has seen the Dualchas team take on commercial and public projects - as well as projects internationally. Within each design there is a focus on ideas promoting sustainability through the use of energy harnessing technology, the choice of materials in the build, and the life-use of the building.