The delivery of a public building to a community can be transformational – not only in the facilities that are delivered but also in the confidence the process can give a community. Dualchas has seen this in many of the communities it has worked with – the effort, organisation and skill required by people who are trying to improve the lives of those within their area is inspirational.

The key to this is in first developing a robust brief that is fully tested in a feasibility study – this also requires a team of consultants that works closely with the community, looking at needs, costs, funding, markets and projected use.

Our community building at Rassay won an RIBA award in 2010, and we have recently completed a hall on the Isle of Muck. Dualchas was also the team leader for the study which led to the successful community buy-out of Rhubodach Forest in Bute. Our extensive experience means that we can work closely with a community from an early stage, and help them pull together a team who can make their vision become a reality.