Dualchas has been at the forefront of a new awakening in  Scottish domestic architecture, which is now well recognised throughout Europe. Over many years our residential projects in Scotland have shown how architectural design based on an understanding of the cultural context of an area can be both distinctive and modern.

Scotland has no shortage of culture, with a rich history of design and architecture clearly visible throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries. Dualchas aims to bring this traditional Scottish heritage into modern architecture by creating beautifully designed buildings that fit in with the cultural context of their surroundings. Be this in the Scottish countryside or in a city, Dualchas is committed to innovative architectural designs that stand the test of time and represent the culture and heritage wherever they may exist. 

This comes from a desire to understand our clients’ brief, but also to raise their aspirations by exploring new architectural ideas. The use of materials, how we address the climate challenge, and how we respond to a site’s topography are all key.  A building should be respectful to its surroundings – but the quality of the spaces should lift the soul.

The end result is a design that is carefully considered, beautifully detailed and which our clients love. Please find examples of our architectural work in Scotland to get a feel for our unique style and cultural approach.