Dualchas Architects

Our Ethos

At Dualchas Architects we have a clear ethos; that truly sustainable architecture has a connection to the past and the place; architecture that will be cherished and cared for by future generations.

By instilling community confidence and value in design it allows people to engage in ideas about what makes beautiful places, and encourages the sustainable development of our communities.

It is architecture which responds to the topography, the climate, and the local culture; which is inspired by its specific location. And this must always be done thinking about the natural environment. How we design to reduce our carbon footprint, protect depleting natural resources, and support long-term ecological balance.

The principles of Dualchas design philosophy have been applied not just in rural Scotland, but across urban Scotland, the UK and beyond.

No matter the scale or type of project we are dedicated to delivering a professional service and client satisfaction. We set down standards on delivery, design and sustainability, so that we can gauge performance, service to client and improvements in design.

Having a strong working partnership across the consultant team allows us to develop and deliver the client’s aspirations for each project. Having a clear aspiration as to what is required at the start of the project allows the consultant team to set a clear path to achieving this aim.

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Our Approach

Dualchas architects do not try and impose their ideas on the client – it is about exploring ideas based around a response to the site, the climate, the materials and the client’s needs – all with an understanding that the design will have to meet the requirements of local planning regulations. This can be done through sketches, photo-rendering and models – so that the best possible result is produced within the client’s budget. A high level of detailing will also come with a Dualchas designed building – so that there is not only quality in the spaces, but in how the fabric of the building fits together so as to create the clean lines and considered details associated with Dualchas buildings. This requires not only finesse and care for the end product, it requires a collaborative approach with the builder so that we work towards the same goal – high quality architecture that works in harmony with the environment and landscape.