What’s your name and job title?Staff Profile: Angela Milne, Office Administrator

Angela Milne, Office Administrator

How long have you worked at Dualchas?

3 years

What do you do at Dualchas?

I provide the administration support for the team.

Where are you from originally and how do you find living and/or working in Skye?

I grew up in Aberdeen and after graduating in Interior Design, lived and worked in the granite city for a number of years before moving west to the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Skye can be both rough and rugged, calm and contemplative.

The landscape here is amazing, the people warm and the Island lively. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work here…where else can you set off in your kayak from the bottom of your garden.

What are you passionate about inside and outside of work?

Spending time pottering in the garden and watching the weather go by.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The experience of being part of a creative team.

What advice would you give to young women looking to enter into a career in architecture?

Believe in yourself, question often and don’t forget who you are!

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