Staff Profile: Tony Scott Halbert, ArchitectWhat’s your name and job title?

Tony Scott Halbert, Architect

How long have you worked at Dualchas?

1 month

What do you do at Dualchas?

I am an architect, working as part of the Glasgow team to deliver high end bespoke projects for a variety of private clients.

Where are you from originally and how do you find living and working in Glasgow?

I grew up in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland which looks on to the Isle of Arran. I moved to Glasgow when studying at the GSA: MSA and loved living and working in the city. I now commute from home in Ayrshire but still enjoy being able to take advantage of the vibrant design culture of the city.

What are you passionate about inside and outside of work?

I am passionate about vernacular architecture and the prospect of improving the building stock of Scotland. I also appreciate being able to help clients find a design they love. Outside of work, I enjoy Scottish poetry and try to dance whenever possible. I also love traveling to visit family and friends.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Architecture allows me to be creative. I like the idea that something tangible exists at the end of each day that wouldn’t otherwise.

What advice would you give to young person looking to enter into a career in architecture?

Some of my closest friendships were formed in architecture school so I would advise them to make the most of learning in such a close, creative environment. I’d also warn them about the hard work and late nights!

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