The renovation of a dilapidated steading and milking parlour has now been completed in rural Aberdeenshire. The result is a spacious and light 4 bed family home.


Living a small damp farmhouse this private client had the vision to adapt their derelict outbuildings into a spacious modern home. The open plan living space is a former milking parlour and the bridles used to tether cows can still be seen on the internal gable. Original steel trusses are exposed, and a dramatic guillotine door frames the entrance. The retention of these internal features was made possible by the decision to over-clad the building with a new insulated shell clad in larch.


The bedroom wing by contrast is a stone building. It looks original but in fact an existing ruin on this site was completely dismantled and the Aberdeenshire granite reused to clad a new timber framed structure.


The full project can be seen here.


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Steading + Milking Parlour Renovation process

Steading + Milking Parlour Renovation Completed


Steading + Milking Parlour interior

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