Lochgoilhead, Argyll

The proposal is sited along the line of road side elevations of neighbouring houses, with its height corresponding with the adjacent eaves heights. It leaves plenty of space to the back of the house to form a vehicular route with parking at the entrance level. The two storey volume is built into the site section to cause minimal visual impact, as seen from the road. The single storey volume sits to the front, in the central part of the site so as to remain inconspicuous and private from the public route. The siting of the house will allow open views to anyone travelling along the main road, respecting the relationship of the neighbouring buildings.

The front volume allows the house to follow the topography and remain unobtrusive to adjacent sites. Continuous timber cladding further embeds the house into the natural context

The design utilises the existing orientation and frontage line of the neighbouring buildings. It takes into consideration the heights of immediate neighbouring properties and reflects on it within a simple, modern form. The main form of the house sits in line with the frontage of neighbouring buildings, ensuring the morphology of the plot grouping is retained.

The views are all directed towards the loch, with limited additions to the gable ends for access, which will still allow an abundance of privacy with considerate landscaping. The rooflights provide plenty of lighting into the plan throughout the day. The glass link will also help to separate the two forms, while visually connecting the building with the external environment. This project is currently in for planning.

Margowan House
Margowan House 2
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