Architectural Designs

Dualchas Architects

New Build

Dualchas will approach each design afresh, and not come to any project with fixed ideas – only an ambition to design buildings that suit the context, the brief and the budget. Our range of designs and attention to detailing show a response not just to context and brief, but a desire to continually improve the quality of what we deliver. From living rooms to home offices, we push the boundaries and continuously strive to create new spaces that exceed all expectations.

Renovation & Extension

Also known as “retrofit”, Dualchas has developed a strong portfolio of projects where we have given new life to old buildings by transforming its use, its performance and the interiors. 

Whether we’re creating a floor plan or redesigning a property for open plan living, we’ll never settle for a simple house design idea, but use the brief, our experience and the property itself to guide us. Our approach is always to respect what is great about the existing and try and bring an element of surprise and joy with our intervention. 


Understanding the character of an area, the movement of traffic and people, as well as the cultural and natural environment, all contribute towards successful masterplanning. By focussing on these elements, master plans can be created for urban or rural areas which ensure that the wider natural and built environment is enhanced by intervention rather than diminished and that the best returns are given on the initial capital investment.