Dualchas are proud to say that we have become an Accredited Living Wage Employer. Accreditation means that we pay all of our staff the Real Living Wage as defined by the Living Wage Foundation.

Dualchas has also recently become a signatory to the Scottish Business Pledge. This is a partnership between business and the Scottish Government, through a voluntary code of practice to support sustainable business growth in Scotland.

We have always been a company that believes in fairness, innovation and opportunity. We strive to offer our staff a good place to work, where they are fulfilled and productive. By offering a vibrant, inclusive and flexible environment we believe that our staff feel happier, valued and supported.

We have a great team here at Dualchas and it is intended that our collaborative approach translates into open communication and high-quality creative work for our clients.

Living Wage and the Scottish Business Pledge

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