Stonehouse Road


Context & Approach

This visibly vacant gap site at the edge of the settlement of Strathaven, offered the opportunity for a considered intervention of high quality architecture which responds to the local context. The site lies between a large scale public building to the west (St. Patrick’s Church) and two smaller, domestic bungalows to the east. The proposal aims to sensitively bridge the gap between these contrasting building types and soften the transition from open countryside to built-up settlement.

Massing & Materials

Two simple volumes take cues from their respective neighbours, stepping up in scale from single to double storey. Materials also negotiate the transition from a domestic mixed palette to the monolithic masonry of the church. Large planes of solid are subdivided into the familiar domestic module of the brick and elegantly proportioned openings are incorporated. Blonde/grey mottled brick picks up the varying tones of the church stonework and vertical cedar cladding creates a dialogue with the textures of this semi-rural site and the surrounding woodland.

Stone House 1
Stone House 2

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