Kerrylamont Farm

Isle of Bute

Situated at the southern edge of Mount Stuart’s landscaped gardens, Kerrylamont was historically the home farm of the estate. The farm contains several listed buildings, including the grade A listed creamery which links the adjacent farmhouse to its steadings, both of which are grade B listed.

The aspiration for the project is to create the Kerrylamont Centre for Rural Skills and Enterprise. This involves working with local partners and interested stakeholders to create a place for both local people and potential newcomers to the island who might wish to set up their own rural or heritage-based businesses or develop a particular skill-set relating to the potential activities on the farm and surrounding estate.

Facilities might include food production facilities, studios/workshops, educational spaces and places which facilitate social interaction and shared learning. It is hoped that through offering such facilities, the farm will act as a catalyst for growth through local entrepreneurship and a shared vision of sustainable local development. There is also an ambition to create an inspirational architectural experience and to breathe life back into the existing buildings.

The development is currently on site.


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