Tiree Community


Dualchas Architects were appointed by Tiree Community Development Trust to undertake a feasibility study for the development of the Camp Site, located in Crossapol.

The housing is designed with affordability in mind. Utilising simple forms and materials, and an efficient floor plan will minimise the construction cost. Shared infrastructure offers an opportunity for further savings, while allowing the development to appear less obtrusive in its context. The proposals are fully compliant with Housing For Varying Needs, and are designed to be flexible and adaptable. They will meet the Building Regulations Silver Standard rating for Aspect 1 and will also incorporate renewable energy sources. The proposal will consist of four 3-bed dwellings, including one designed fully for a wheelchair user/s. An additional plot is also designated to the side for future expansion. The second part of the site is designated for light industrial and commercial units.



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