Traigh Uige Restaurant

Isle Of Lewis

Traigh Uige is one of the most beautiful and expansive beaches of the Western Isles, a stunning location for a restaurant. The design is simple: As you approach the building the view to the bay is concealed by a grassy escarpment– as you walk through the entrance towards the bar you walk past the escarpment and the view is gradually revealed. When entering the main volume of the restaurant a wall of glass opens out to the magnificent white sands and dramatic crofting landscape.

The original concept design was for a corten steel form, inspired by the many metal structures of the “Isle of Rust”. However the developed design uses stone and weathered timber, with careful consideration being given to shelter and protection from the often fierce Atlantic gales.  

Traigh Uige Restaurant 1
Traigh Uige Restaurant 2
Traigh Uige Restaurant 3

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