Dualchas and Amazing Spaces

January 18, 2022

Dualchas and Amazing Spaces

A Dualchas house has appeared on a recent edition of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

In the programme, architect George Clarke looks at houses on the British Isles that have been inspired by design from other countries. He explains how the house at Boreraig on the Duirinish Peninsula of the Isle of Skye has direct comparisons to Norwegian architecure. The open plan space, timber and stone structures, and celebration of the fireplace, are all features common to both Viking longhouses and the Hebridean blackhouse.

At one stage he stands outside the house taking in the dramatic panorama and says that  the view is "too beautiful". He also claims that you could be mistaken in  believing that you were in Scandanavia.

At Dualchas we disagree. Nowhere is as beautiful as the Isle of Skye.

The feature on the house can be seen on programme 1 of series 10 of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on All 4 (channel4.com), and is 26 minutes 50 seconds in to the show. 

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