Dualchas and Amazing Spaces

A Dualchas house has appeared on a recent edition of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

In the episode of Amazing Spaces where a Dualchas property is featured, architect George Clarke takes a look at a series of houses on the British Isles that have been inspired by designs from other countries.  

He explains how the house at Boreraig on the Duirinish Peninsula of the Isle of Skye has direct comparisons to Norwegian architecture.  

The open plan space, timber and stone structures and celebration of the fireplace are all features common to both Viking longhouses and the Hebridean Black House, which was designed and built by Glasgow architects, Dualchas.  


What is the show, “Amazing Spaces” about?  

The British TV program, Amazing Spaces, is hosted by architect George Clark and follows him around the UK as he tracks down innovative and unusual designs.  

He meets with home owners across the country who have turned unconventional spaces, such as old boats, sheds or outhouses, into small yet mighty, amazing spaces.  

The type of designs featured on the show have a particular emphasis on the creative use of small spaces, documenting and learning how architects, builders, and DIY hobbyists managed to turn a seemingly ordinary space into something amazing.  

Dualchas is extremely proud to be featured on the show for our incredible residential design, The Black House, found on the Isle of Skye.


Dualchas’ feature on Amazing Spaces 

The Black House gained a lot of attention for both it’s design and use of space when Dualchas first designed and built the house in 2018.  

It won “Best New House” and “Best Building” at the 2018 IAA Awards and was featured in the Telegraph, as well as being nominated for the Doolan, "Best Building in Scotland" Prize in 2019. 

The house stands in a stunning location on the coast of Skye. In the particular episode of Amazing Spaces where the house features, George Clark stands outside the house taking in the dramatic panorama and claims that the view is "too beautiful".  

He also claims that you could be mistaken in believing that you were in Scandanavia. 

At Dualchas, we disagree. Nowhere is as beautiful as the Isle of Skye. 

The feature of The Black House can be seen in episode 1, series 10 of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and is shown at 26 minutes and 50 seconds of the show. 

You can catch a repeat of the episode on All 4 (channel4.com).  


Interested in having your own amazing space?  

If you were inspired by the show, Amazing Spaces and have been dreaming of having your own “amazing space” built and designed by an award-winning Scottish Architectural firm, Dualchas is here for you. 

We specialise in creating beautifully designed buildings that blend in and complement the landscape around them.  

We can be hired simply to offer our expert architectural guidance or we can get involved in the design of your project on your behalf.  

Of course, Dualchas can also handle the full bespoke construction of your new residential or community building. 

For any questions or commissions, please get in touch with Dualchas today. 

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