Rinour Steading


Angie Lewin is a world renowned printmaker and textile designer.  Her work draws inspiration from mid-twentieth century lino and wood cut artists and she has developed a recognisable style unique to her.  With husband Simon she has developed a business that combines the sale of her work in illustration, printmaking and textiles, as well as that of other artists and designers, with selling classic mid-twentieth century furniture.

They came to Dualchas specifically because they felt our understated quiet architecture would work well as a backdrop for their work.  The project took the remains of an L-shaped byre in their garden and restored and converted it into flexible studio and office space with a bedroom, kitchen, shower and bathrooms.  The main space recreates the original volume of the steading with the kitchen/dining space divided from the studio or living space by a concrete wall, a stove and a change of level. The existing openings in the stone were restored and light brought in wherever possible through the reinstated roof above.  Two new large openings in the north west elevation open the interiors out to a new view.

The steading has been in full use as a printmaking studio since September 2010.

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