Renovation Projects

Dualchas Architects


Bringing life back to an old building is one of the most rewarding projects which an architect can undertake with their client. Often old buildings have a huge amount of embodied energy – particularly ones made of stone – which were built with the labour of previous generations. Therefore, it is not just about respecting the designs of the past, it is also about respecting the efforts which were spent. If we are to address the carbon challenge, building on the previous works of others is a great starting point.

In many of our renovations, we aim to bring back the beauty of the original design which may have been lost by later inappropriate additions. But it is also about transforming the interiors through the bringing in of light and opening up of views. Additions to the building need not copy the form of the original – it can be modern and of a different material – but it must be respectful.

In any of the projects, the end result will be a building which surpasses current building standards, transforms the enjoyment of its use, and secures the future of a building – hopefully for generations to come.